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18 Things Only People Who Are Saving To Buy A House Will Understand

Not listed: compromise. No one truly understands that.

1. You move back in with your parents in a desperate bid to save quicker.

BuzzFeed / Via

Hello, alcohol.

2. Or suffer living in a house-share with your partner...and six other people.

Comedy Central / Via

TBT that one time your housemates walked in on you two.

3. Everything suddenly becomes super expensive.

Bravo / Via

£4.20 for a coffee?!

4. You find yourself taking a year off from the "Ibiza" holidays.

Kathrin Ziegler / Getty Images

There's always next year. Maybe.

5. And now, you have a slight apprehension whenever you're asked to go to the pub.


You know "drunk you" gets fast and loose with money, but you also don't want FOMO...

6. If you do go, nights out tend to end around 10pm.

Edward Frazer/Fuse / Getty Images

Staying for a couple before a sensible night bus home.

7. And you dread hearing, “Shall we get rounds?”


Ugly-crying while you pay out for someone else’s 50-year-old whisky is not a good look.

8. To help the saving effort, you consider the merits of cycling into work.


Despite it being 30-plus km away.

And it being Britain, where it rains all the time.

9. Or even jogging!

10. You gain a whole new appreciation for property TV shows.

Brett Rabideau / Getty Images

If only you had Kirstie and Phil there to help take a load off.

11. And it's the first time you've ever taken an interest in geography.


All those suburbs you never knew existed.

12. You spend a lot of time window shopping online for homes you really can't afford.


One day, beautiful Victorian mansion. One day.

13. You select a location where your eventual dream house will be.


Lovely part of the world.

14. Except even when you're daydreaming, that location is unrealistic.


So you zoom out a bit to a lovely-ish part of the world.

15. And you quickly realise you’ll have to take things off your dream house checklist.

20th Century Fox / Via

Maybe you’ll get that indoor, heated swimming pool in another life.

16. You now know what stamp duty is.

Izabela Habur / Getty Images

Which makes for marvellous chat down the pub.

17. Property search apps are suddenly Flappy Bird levels of addictive.

Plume Creative / Getty Images

Walk down a new street and you find yourself looking up the price of every house number in sight.

18. And you FINALLY understand the plight of every single couple on Location, Location, Location, who always seem totally shocked at the suggestion they're going to have to compromise on something.

Nicolas McComber / Getty Images

What, you mean a three-bedroom semi-detached with a pool, a garage, a south-facing garden, and a train station within five minutes walk wasn't realistic for your price point?

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