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Here's How To Make Extra Money When You're Broke

Saving for a deposit is the worst, so here are some tips to help make extra cash. Because we can't all be famous vloggers.

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1. Get paid to shop.


Mystery shopping is a magical thing where you get paid to shop and dine out. It's a fully regulated industry, and to do well, you need to have a sharp eye and memory. You're sent out to shops, hotels and pubs, then report back on the service you receive. Pay depends upon the agency, so make sure to look around for what suits you.

2. Adopt a dog for a couple of hours.

Diana Nguyen (CC BY-ND 2.0) / Via

If you love animals, then you're in luck. You can get paid to look after someone's pet for them. When owners are away on holiday, you visit their house a few times a day to look after their pet, and you can charge extra to walk or groom them.

4. Tell companies what you think of their websites.


Get cash by answering questions and giving feedback on websites for public services, museums, and companies like Apple and Twitter. You don't need to be a tech expert or have an eye for design, as these companies are looking for feedback on how user-friendly their websites are.

5. Sell your crafts in your spare time.

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If you're a dab hand at the sewing machine or know your way around screen printing, consider selling your crafts. Websites like Etsy and Redbubble let you sell your creations or designs, and you may even luck out and create a really successful online shop.

6. Sell your holiday snaps online.

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Whether you're an amateur photographer or you just have some pretty holiday photos, stock photo sites are always looking for new images to sell. You sign up as a contributor and upload your photos to websites like Shutterstock or Fotalia, and get a cut when they sell your images.

7. Answer market research questions through video.

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The pay is better than most other types of survey sites, and you don't need to be at a computer to do it. You just give your opinions and answers on things you like and dislike to companies from your smartphone or webcam. A survey takes around 20 minutes or so and you get paid within 24 hours.

8. Edit other people's work.

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It's not the most glamorous job, but the pay for proofreading is pretty decent. There are a bunch of freelance proofreading jobs out there, from people wanting their novel read through, to website articles that need the copy looked over.

9. Go back to secondary school.

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Being paid to work in silence is the stuff dreams are made of. Lots of schools and universities advertise online for one-off or temp roles as invigilators, which is a great way to earn extra cash if you have free time during weekdays.

10. Freelance articles and copy.

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If you're someone who enjoys writing, consider writing articles freelance for a bit of extra cash. A lot of publications accept pitches and pay for one-off contributions, from websites looking for personal essays to those looking for articles on tech support. You can also find freelance work writing marketing copy.

11. Knock out some websites.

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This sounds super hard, but if you know a thing or two about CMSs and writing, you can pull together a simple custom website or online shop using a template, enter in the client's content, and make a good amount of extra cash. You can advertise for free on online classifieds, and can charge for SEO and hosting setup if you're knowledgable in those areas.

12. Give customer support from your bed.

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There's part-time and freelance work available as a remote tech support worker, and a lot of the time you provide help through online chat rather than on the phone. You can work evenings and work from your bed, so it's a comfortable way to get a bit more money.

13. Hit up charity shops.

Orin Zebest (CC BY 2.0) / Via

Look for pretty jewellery and bargain tech you can sell online. This takes a lot of work, as you have to post items out and offer support when things go wrong, but if you have a good eye, you can find some pretty valuable things in charity shops.

Saving for a house can be really difficult, but luckily there are loads of ways to make a bit of extra cash and ease the pain.

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