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    If You Find Winter Is Synonymous With Dry Skin, Try These 23 Products

    Parched skin, dry lips, and cracked feet — begone.

    1. Cult-fave Weleda Skin Food Ultra-Rich Body Cream that'll intensely nourish parched skin with chamomile, pansy, and rosemary so you'll get a much-needed moisture boost to help protect from The Cold™. 

    person squeezing some of the product into their open palm

    Use it on your body or face. It can also be used as a makeup primer.

    Promising review: "After I tried a sample of this, there was no turning back! I've tried maybe three other popular moisturizers between repurchasing this one and absolutely nothing beats it. I use a pea-sized amount (sometimes a little bit more in the colder months) at night after my oil and retinol. It smells earthy and fresh during/after application, and I wake up the next morning with the glossiest, smoothest skin. Give this a try in the winter when your skin needs extra moisture and see the magic. I will be a forever user and will always suggest this!" —Pamela

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in two sizes and travel packs of 10).

    2. A set of 16 facial sheet masks packed with brightening vitamin E and plumping collagen when you could use a skin hydration reset (or some pampering!). Each mask features a different kind of moisturizing essence, like green tea, aloe, or pearl, so they'll each be their own experience.

    Reviewer pic with the sheet mask on their face and their hair in a towel.
    The 16 face masks that are included in the set.

    Promising review: "I’ve been eyeballing these but was skeptical because for the price they seemed too good to be true, but I went for it and I’m glad I did. The winter is not been good to my skin so far and even with daily moisturizing I was getting a lot of dry flaky patches. After one mask for 15 minutes the dryness was 100% gone and my skin felt really soft! I think it got rid of some redness in my cheeks, too. Also, I don’t know if it’s the serum that’s on these or the material they are made of, but this mask stayed on my face better than other sheet masks I have tried. I sat down but didn’t have to hold my head back to feel like it was secure." —Michelle P

    Get a set of 16 from Amazon for $11.99.

    3. A mini matcha-infused moisture stick that'll nourish dry skin on your face, cuticles, elbows, lips, and more. It also helps reduce under-eye circles and puffiness due to the caffeine naturally found in matcha! We love a multitasker.

    model applying the matcha stick to their face
    the matcha stick resting on a pile of matcha powder

    Check out a TikTok of the matcha stick

    Promising reviews: "I have always had at least two of these in use for the last 3 years. They are great for spot moisturizing anywhere - lips, under eyes, face. I get extremely dry hands in winter, and applying this after showering keeps my hands supple and smooth where my skin used to chap, crack, and bleed." —WelliesnWedges

    "I suffer from dry cracked lips every winter. Sometimes my nose will chap and crack in the inner seams from all the tissue use. I've tried many different lip balms and healing ointments. Nothing comes close to how quickly this takes care of the dry and cracked areas. I also love the limited amount of ingredients and the size! It's a great value in my opinion. I will continue to purchase." —Liz

    Cocokind is a San Francisco-based, Asian woman-founded small business that specializes in earth-friendly skincare.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    4. A Cosrx snail essence because sometimes you just need a big ol' dose of hydration, and snail mucin is the only thing that can get the job done. This bb contains a whopping *96%* snail mucin, which is kinda nature's MVP for intense yet incredibly gentle skin repair. And the glow you'll get from this is unparalleled.

    the bottle
    before and after of reviewer, showing acne scars, then smooth, acne-free skin after use of product

    I've been using the COSRX snail mucin essence for years, and it's honestly a godsend for my dry, acne-prone, sensitive skin. Just like how snail mucin protects snails from damage when they move over and around gravel and other jagged things, mucin is like a heavenly layer of nourishing protection for skin that's navigating the effects of extreme weather (plus pollution, stress, and hormones). I don't care how weird it might sound — this ingredient is a dang star. 

    Promising review: "I have very dry and peeling skin in winter -- and this product truly helped a lot. After putting this on after using cleanser and toner, I felt a 'baby soft' feeling on my face. When alone or paired with a good moisturizer, it really improves the look and feel of my skin. I have acne as well, and I noticed that after I started using this product my face cleared up. Honestly my skin is probably the best it has ever been and I'll for sure purchase this product again. There is no odor and though the texture may need a little getting used to, snail mucin is not nearly as gross or sticky as I thought it would fact I don't find it gross at all!" —Carly Steiner

    Get it from Amazon for $21.90.

    5. An organic, super nourishing turmeric and calendula soap that conditions and soothes dry, scaly skin so well that it's basically a must-have for the harsh winter months when your normal body wash is just not cutting it.

    The Zatik Soothe & Calm Soap made with calendula and turmeric
    The Zatik soap next to a heart made of soap shavings

    It can be used on the body and face.

    I recently picked up this soap and it has floored me with how far it has exceeded my expectations. Many soaps promise to clean and moisturize your skin, right? For me, this is the only soap that has ever delivered on that promise. I literally feel the soap conditioning my skin as I use it, which I think is due to the fact that not all of the olive oil used in it is converted to soap, meaning that when you use it that extra oil is ~bequeathed~ to thirsty skin. I'm pretty sure it's the only reason my skin hasn't fully cracked off this winter, since I've been too lazy to use body lotion recently (I know) but my skin is still shockingly soft (and intact). Clearly Zatik is doing some heavy lifting, and we are grateful for this LOL. I'll be repurchasing this for a long time to come. The inclusion of brightening turmeric —one of my fave and IMO, most underrated ingredients — is an awesome touch, too!

    Promising review: "Absolute favorite soap. I have had sensitive and dry skin for about the last 10 years and have tried about 30 or 40 different soaps. The first time I tried the Zatik olive oil soap I could feel a difference in how my skin felt. It didn’t feel as dry and also felt softer. The soap does tend to get soft when it’s wet so I keep it on a soap dish so it stays as dry as possible. Also appreciate that it’s a handmade soap and feel it’s worth every penny since it works so well for my skin. Love it!" —Good Thoughts

    Zatik is an Armenian, family-owned small business based in California that makes all-natural body, skin, and haircare products. Everything is handmade and organic! "Zatik" means "ladybug" in Armenian, a nod to the regenerative power of the botanical ingredients that are the basis for their products.

    Get it from Amazon for $10 (available in three formulas).

    6. A gentle yet hardworking CeraVe eye cream formulated with nourishing ceramides and hyaluronic acid to support hydration around your sensitive eye area during the winter months. (It also helps reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles!) This is basically the gold standard of under-eye creams, for less than $13. Sign 👏 me 👏 up.👏

    Reviewer showing results after two months of using CeraVe eye cream
    Reviewer showing results after two weeks of using CeraVe eye cream

    Promising review: "My dermatologist recommended this cream for me to try to treat the eczema on my eyelids during the winter months. Little did I know that this miracle cream would do more than get rid of my eyelid eczema! I talked my sister-in-law into trying it and she is amazed at the results too and said I have saved her hundreds of dollars for the rest of her life lol because she had been buying super expensive eye creams that weren’t helping her. You only have to use a little bit! I use it morning and night and it has made such a difference in my appearance and my dry skin!" —suzyb1

    "I’m never one to believe that products like this work, but I was starting to get so self conscious about my dark circles and was desperate to find something. I always get them really bad in the fall and winter time due to lack of sunlight. This honestly blew me away on how well it worked! Only took about a week and a half to see results. I’m so impressed and will definitely be purchasing this product in the future." —Angel Kieslich

    Get it from Amazon for $12.97.

    7. The CUTEST Tonymoly peach hand cream folks love for moisturizing the heck out of their hands, smelling amazing, and basically being the most adorable hand cream ever. One reviewer says they want a 5-gallon bucket of this stuff and TBH I think that about sums it up for all of us.

    a reviewer holding the peach hand cream in their hand
    the peach hand cream opened showing the creamy texture

    Promising review: "This is the nicest-smelling, lightest, best-moisturizing hand cream I have tried in my LIFE. My hands get miserably dry from being washed really often and PEACH TO THE RESCUE! The scent is very appealing but not super heavy. The packaging is very cute. I don't feel greasy at all. There is literally nothing to improve other than making more sizes so I can keep these EVERYWHERE." —Joselle Stark

    "Listen, I've tried how many hand creams over the years I've had access to the internet, and this has got to be one of the best ones I've had. The scent is better than anything else, and if there was ever anything known as the "quintessential peach scent", this would be it. Not to mention it's super moisturizing and not overly oily, so you won't have trouble picking up your phone or anything else. Not sticky either, so if you have sensory issues like me, you'll love it." —Cat C.

    Get it from Amazon for $12.

    8. Or O'Keeffe's nourishing hand cream that hundreds of reviewers call magic for healing even the most intense dry, cracked skin — making it a must-have for folks who spend a lot of time outdoors or who work outside in the winter.

    Promising reviews: "The best on the market. I have issues year round because of yard work or the cold winters. This is the best product you can buy, and believe me, I’ve tried dozens. I use it daily and now have soft and crack-free hands. I also use a little before bedtime so it softens while I sleep. Take a chance, you’ll never buy anything else." —Ellen

    "A winter must-have for my man. He works outside and does labor with his hands. In Chicago it’s been below 20 degrees and his hands usually chap and bleed for the season, but with this magic stuff he has been able to pull through unscathed." —Rebecca L. hebding

    Get it from Amazon for $8.87+ (available in packs of 1, 2, or 12).

    9. brightening SPF 30 moisturizer because even though the sun feels like it's gone right now, you need to wear sunscreen every day! This SPF was meticulously formulated with melanin-rich skin in mind, and promises to leave no white cast. It also contains vitamin C to diminish sun damage and hyperpigmentation, plus nourishing shea butter and glycerin to hydrate thirsty winter skin.

    gif of reviewer rubbing the moisturizer onto their face
    reviewer's face looking bright and radiant after applying the moisturizer

    Promising reviews: "My skin has been super dry, especially as we move into cooler months. Within a week of using this product I'm noticing my skin feels more conditioned and a noticeable dewiness has returned. I did not notice any scent/perfume, which was a positive for me." —Mallory Strange

    "I love this moisturizer. Being a dark-skinned African American, I find that often times sunscreen leaves a residue. This is the first sunscreen I've ever used that doesn't leave any weird discoloration, feels great on my skin, and it aids in reducing hyperpigmentation. I even have sensitive skin and haven't had any breakouts while using Bolden's sunscreen. A pump and a half is all I need for my face and neck. I highly recommend it and will be buying more for my family." —Missy D

    Bolden is a Black woman-owned small biz that makes sulfate- and paraben-free skincare products that are never tested on animals. 

    Get it from Amazon for $27.99

    10. Belif True Cream Moisturizer to quench winter skin with calming oat extract and ultra-moisturizing comfrey leaf for skin that's so nourished that one reviewer's skin looked dewy even in the literal Canadian winter.

    The Belif True Cream moisturizer
    Model putting the Belif moisturizer on their face
    Belif / Sephora

    Promising reviews: "AMAZING product! I have super dry skin and in Canadian winters, it's a million times worse. This is the only product out of dozens of moisturizers that has done anything significant for my skin. Not only does it hydrate during the winter, it actually makes my skin dewy, which like I said, was unthinkable with any other product. I use the product morning and night. Highly recommend." —anniebanannniie

    "I live in New England, winters can be harsh. I have dry skin to being with and the cold just makes it ten times worse. I've never been able to find a moisturizer that actually works all day on my skin. I'm so glad I found this product, it's been life changing for me!" —CLChampagne10

    Get it from Sephora for $22+ (available in three sizes).

    11. Reviewer-favorite Bio-Oil that folks love for healing and reviving dry, cracked winter skin. Packed with nourishing sunflower seed oil, glow-inducing vitamins A and E, and soothing lavender, this fast-absorbing face and body oil does its job *so well* that reviewers are calling it "the best skincare on the market."

    series of photos showing a reviewer's patchy, acne-prone skin before using the oil and photos of their skin looking much clearer after using the oil
    before and after photos showing a reviewer's irritated, scarred hand on the left and their hand looking irritation- and scar-free on the right after using the bio-oil

    Promising reviews: "Eczema superhero. I’ve struggled my entire life with terrible eczema in harsh, midwestern winters. Normally, in the winter my hands are swollen, my knuckles are bleeding, and the skin is cracked. This winter when it started getting chilly, I used Bio-Oil daily on my hands, and my skin looks and feels like it does in the spring and summer. It’s a miracle; highly recommend!" —Bohdana Komichak

    "Ah-freaking-mazing. Love this stuff. It's the only thing that helps my dry winter skin and it's the only oil I’ve found that doesn't aggravate my sensitive skin." —WriterChick

    Get it from Amazon for $8.92+ (available in two sizes and in a pack of three).

    12. A bottle of Tower 28's SOS Daily Rescue spray to help repair your parched skin barrier, which often suffers in winter's dry cold, using simple but powerful antibacterial, hydrating ingredients. TL;DR: Come join the struggle bus, 'cause *there is help for you here!*

    A before/after showing healing breakout after using the spray
    A before/after showing reduced irritation after using the spray
    Tower 28

    Spritz on your skin morning and night, or whenever your skin needs a little extra TLC.

    I finally bought a bottle of this, and I'm so glad I did. It soothes my parched skin, and I can tell it's calming irritation, too — I recently noticed an incoming perioral dermatitis breakout (an acne-rosacea hybrid that's notoriously difficult to treat), and after a few days of using this, the bumps and redness on my face were completely gone. It saved me from needing to scramble for an expensive treatment, which is kind of unbelievable. It also makes my skin feel more hydrated and more balanced. This thing is understated but mighty, and has a permanent place in my skincare collection, especially during these winter months when my skin is extra sensitive and vulnerable to damage.

    Promising reviews: "Winter is the worst because my forehead and cheeks get very dry and flaky while the sides of my face and my nose become oily. This spray, when used after cleansing and before moisturizing, maintains my skin's natural defense barrier, which helps. I'm also prone to blackheads, and I've noticed my pores giving them up more readily since using this spray. I have patchy redness on the sides of my face and those are considerably less noticeable now, too. With my sensitive skin, I was worried about taking the risk, but it's a fantastic toner, and I highly recommend it." —rvrwldng

    "Love this product. It's my favorite addition to my skincare regimen and I'm currently on my second bottle! I use it morning and night after cleansing, and skin feels refreshed and hydrated afterwards, which has been especially beneficial during the long dry winter." —VeniVidiVisa 

    Tower 28 is an Asian woman-owned business designed for sensitive skin. Their products are free of any sensitivity-causing ingredients, and are also vegan and cruelty-free.

    Get it from Tower 28 or Sephora for $12+ (available in mini or full size).

    13. A cruelty-free nourishing skincare oil if your skin is not only dry as heck right now, but is also prone to blemishes. Infused with soothing rosehip, repairing blue tansy, and regenerative black cumin seed oil, this baby hydrates while also treating acne and reducing the appearance of scarring and pores. 

    A before and after of someone using the Blume Meltdown Oil

    See it on TikTok here.

    I have had cystic acne since adolescence and still deal with painful hormonal acne, plus skin that's somehow dry *and* oily. On top of that, my skin has somehow become more sensitive with every passing year so I'm very careful about what I put on my face. I was initially skeptical that an oil of all things would help my skin, but I LOVE this thing. It is somehow so lightweight while feeling truly nourishing. My breakouts have cleared up since starting this product, and my skin is less oily and more even, like the oil has been balanced out. I've been looking everywhere for a skincare product with black cumin seed oil (a v underrated antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oil that helps fade pigmentation and is gentle enough to calm even eczema), so I was delighted that it was a main ingredient in this. I am so glad I gave this a shot and will definitely be buying another when I run out. Also, can I just say the product's push-down (instead of squeezing) dropper packaging is ingenious?!

    Promising reviews: "After 15+ years of acne and sensitive skin, this product is the best thing I have ever tried on my face! It quickly gets rid of zits, big and small, even deep hormonal ones, within a day or two. It also reduces post-breakout hyperpigmentation. Especially during the cold dry seasons, it is ideal!" —Jennifer O 

    "Amazing product. I am obsessed with this oil and even brought it on a vacation abroad with me. I've always struggled with acne but this has really done wonders on my skin, and has given me a glow that I love. I use this every day at least once, and I love using it before my moisturizer in the winter months." —Kirsten S 

    Blume is a woman of color-owned small business that specializes in skincare and period care products.

    Get it from BlumeUlta, or Amazon for $28.