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Which ZBH Heesher Are You?

This might be the most important quiz you take in your life. Might be.

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  1. 1. What do you usually have for dinner?

    Chinese take-out
    Breaded Chicken & Pasta
    Your moms reheated lasagne
    A combination of anything you can find in your fridge and pantry
    No one knows because you're eating in your room
    Anything you can put in the blender to piss your roommate (BK) off
  2. 2. What is your favorite type of music?

    Summer 2000's Pandora Playlist
    Musical Theatre
    Anything that headlines at EDC
    Anything Adele bc you are her
    "How far I'll go" from Moana on repeat for DAYS
  3. 3. Someone has left a dish in the sink for a week now and it's getting moldy- what do you do?

    Have a roommate meeting about it in order to establish rule
    Realize it's yours and wash it when no one is looking
    Speculate with your other roommates about who it may have come from
    Say nothing, shit happens¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Clean that dish as well as every other dish in the sink even if it's not yours
    All you know is that you is that its not yours so you could care less
  4. 4. What does your ideal day consist of?

    Breakfast in bed, video games and sex
    Walking through Central Park and playing piano
    Eating chicken nuggets and exploring the city your significant other
    Ordering seamless and not leaving your bed unless you need to go to the bathroom or get food
    Not having to do a goddamn thing
    Playing Clash Royale and drinking Brisk Iced Teas in bed
  5. 5. What is most likely to make you upset?

    A bad grade
    Not having wifi
    A dirty kitchen
    An art project that doesn't turn out the way you want it to
    Not talking to your Mom
    Not being first in CUNY hitting percentage
  6. 6. How would you describe yourself in one word?

  7. 7. What's your biggest weakness?

    Bad knee's and old age
    Diabetes and tripping over everything
    Not being able to spell or use grammar for life
    Inability to see own flaw
    I don't have a weakness bro
  8. 8. If you were a volleyball player, what position would you play?

    MVP Outside Hitter
    Left Bench
    Literally any position anyone needs me to play
    Middle tipper

Which ZBH Heesher Are You?

You got: BK!

To most people, you might just seemed like a washed up volleyball player who calls his hometown "Cali" (wherever that is), but deep down you are protective of the people you love and haaate drama (despite how often you may or may not be apart of it)

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You got: Bre!

You enjoy lazy days spent lounging and watching Netflix almost as much as you love wine and $2 ice cream sherbert. You have no problem voicing your opinion and you may also say the word "now" a certain way but that's only a minor detail.

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You got: Haley!

If you ever did a Scooby Doo group halloween costume, you would be Scooby. You're ability to nap literally anywhere at anytime is both impressive and strange. You also engage in extensive conversations with Taylor while actually being asleep as and your life mantra is "Can I have a bite?"

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You got: Taylor!

You may be tough on the outside, but just as soft on the inside. Grades mean more to you than booming balls on the court. However, you are not someone to be messed with, especially when hungry. Can't spell for shit.

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You got: Zuke!

You are quiet on the surface, but are truly a treat when people get to know you. If someone ever needs a fixer-upper, you are the first person to go to. You enjoy a good meme just as much as the next person, and you have a strict diet of chicken, pasta and yellow inca kola soda.

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You got: Cass!

You are the peace-keeper of your tribe, and everyone looks to you to tell you about their day. You can eat just as much as you can boom balls, and one of your worst fears is a messy kitchen.

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