15 Signs You Majored In International Affairs

Go you IA Major, Go You.


You entered college as a political science major until you realized how boring your local government classes were.


All of your IA courses are titled “Politics of [enter geographical region here]”


You’re pretty sure one of your professors is a Russian spy


You have dreams of traveling the world and one day working for the UN or the State Department


In reality, you’ll probably end up working at a small consulting firm downtown somewhere

There is always the Peace Corps…


You have successfully preserved and chronologically catalogued the 200 or so Economist magazines you’ve collected over your 4 years in college


When your friends tell you about a news segment they watched on CNN or Fox News


The moment you realized Al Jazeera Live is no longer viewable online


You’re able to talk badly about your political science friends in 6 different languages


You were a member of Model UN, Model EU, Model Arab League, Model NATO, and/or Model African Union


When people think the Arab Spring actually occurred in the Spring


Knowing the names of all the major international diplomats/heads of state and the desire to let everyone else know every chance you get

Who knows the President of Kazakhstan’s name?? Oh that’s right, I do!


Vladimir Putin


When you’re forced to take a class with Poli Sci, History, and Pre-Law Majors


But you put up with all of it because you know your genius ideas regarding smart defense or economic development will one day save the world

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