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7 Pictures Of Turtles Pretending To Be Other Things

Turtles are masters of disguise. Just look at these deceptive little creatures.

1. Delicious breakfast cereal?

Nope. Bowl full of turtles.

2. Adorable teacup pigs?

Just a turtle.

3. Pecans?

Nope. Tiny turtle.

4. A planet-saving super team?

Captain Planet / Via

Actually, it's a kick-butt band of turtle friends.

5. Is this a clementine orange?

Look again! It's a colorful tortoise.

6. Think this is a Hobbit Hole?

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012) / Via

Wrong. It's a turtle who needs a haircut.

7. Vintage Dam Norfin 1986 Troll Doll?

You guessed it: a turtle.

Lesson learned? Don't trust anything. Turtles could be anywhere – and anything.