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10 Reasons You Should Vote For Joey Dorion For A&S Senate

Joey Dorion will bring a little California sunshine to the A&S Senate. Also, he has some ideas. Here they are.

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4. A master BC calendar—with club, social, and sporting events—available to all students.

Forget sifting through two thousand emails to find the time of the meeting for that club you've been meaning to "really become a part of" since the activities fair. Why not just put all the info in one place? Three cheers for involvement and all that good stuff.

5. Link Charlie cards to our BC accounts, because figuring out the T can be a bigger struggle than missing the Newton bus.

Just cause we're technically in Chestnut Hill doesn't mean we can't be better connected to the city.

9. Kaleidoscope Week: a week during which BC students can celebrate the diversity that is present on campus.

Dancing + music + food + a lot more entertainment and fun from the various cultures represented on the BC campus = a pretty sweet celebration of each other's heritage.

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