Yee-haw and also woof.

Matt Stopera • One hour ago

"Paul Rudd, if you're out there, I'm available as a loved one or hired help."

Ryan Schocket • 7 days ago

The boy who...played with puppies.

Jen Abidor • 14 days ago

There's a first time for everything, right?

Morgan Murrell • 28 days ago

"I think it's gonna be...Beanie Babies and stuff..."

Jen Abidor • One month ago

"If there was a zombie apocalypse, I would use my yodeling to kill every single one of them."

Ryan Schocket • One month ago

Ben Schwartz reminisces about hilarious Parks & Recreation moments, life on the House of Lies set, and so much more!

Morgan Murrell • One month ago

"I love being sentimental and remembering things."

Jen Abidor • One month ago

"Justin Bieber HATES being alone, you heard it here first."

Whitney Jefferson • 2 months ago

"I'm probably getting Twitter now."

Ryan Schocket • 2 months ago

"What is more big dick energy than a Scorpio?"

Whitney Jefferson • 3 months ago

Hilary Duff reminisces about her Lizzie McGuire days, life on the Younger set, and so much more.

Morgan Murrell • 4 months ago

If you're training for your first marathon — or even if you're not — here's what I learned while training for this very, very long race.

Hal Rhorer • 7 months ago

Let me twirl this fidget spinner while I sip on my unicorn frappuccino.

Hal Rhorer • 9 months ago

"Why do you get hair on your butt?"

Whitney Jefferson • One year ago

YOU could be in a BuzzFeed YouTube video!

Hal Rhorer • One year ago

Reminder: Amy Adams still has not won.

Hal Rhorer • One year ago

True life: Music from a disco ball is good.

Lauren Yapalater • One year ago

We want to see your signs!

Hal Rhorer • One year ago

This is a personal mission to prove that she is not overrated.

Hal Rhorer • One year ago