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Flay Or Nay?

How well do you know Bobby Flay? Follow Buzzfeed on Snapchat to watch Kaelin Tully, our resident Bobby Flay expert, test her Flay knowledge.

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  1. Does Bobby Flay have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame?

  2. Did Bobby study abroad in Canada, studying indigenous cooking with Native Americans?

  3. Is Bobby Flay a huge Yankees fan?

  4. Did Bobby Flay work on the floor of the American Stock Exchange?

  5. Even over cooking, Is Bobby Flay's first passion quail hunting?

  6. Was Bobby's first job at a pizza parlor?

  7. Did Bobby Flay's friend Mariska Hargitay introduce him to his wife Stephanie?

  8. Was Bobby's AIM name FlayBayBay007?

  9. Did Bobby Flay drop out of high school at the age of 17?

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