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    7 Adorable Pups We Met On Snapchat

    We asked BuzzFeed's Snapchat followers to send us pictures of their cute dogs and, boy, they delivered!

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    1. This snoozin' pup who is almost too snuggly to handle.

    Snapchat user benholland888 / Via Snapchat

    2. This little pup who has the most perfect eyes.

    Snapchat user spaghettistar / Via Snapchat

    3. These chill pups who just want to live their life.

    Snapchat user jacobwilsonn / Via Snapchat

    4. This pup who has had a really long day and just needs to chill.

    Snapchat user gabbylishios / Via Snapchat

    5. This pup who is 100% camera ready.

    Snapchat user stephmania1998 / Via Snapchat

    6. This pup who isn't afraid to look back at it.

    Snapchat user itspatriciam / Via Snapchat

    7. And this little pup, who has a sweater so small, it makes me want to cry.

    Snapchat user cupcake_alex / Via Snapchat

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    Snapchat / Via Snapchat

    You never know who will pop up in our snaps!

    Buzzfeed Video / Via Facebook: buzzfeedtopknot