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5 YouTubers You Should Really Be Subscribed To

And they all have under 500k subscribers, so you can tell people you "basically discovered" them.

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5. Kathleen Lights / Via

Subscribers: 316k

Click here to see her channel.

She's the sassiest of the five, but she's still the type of girl you would go to Target with. Her channel is mostly focused on beauty and makeup. I like that she stays positive and friendly in her videos. Kathleen also has some interesting life advice to give when she's not kindly informing you that your eyebrow game isn't as strong as you think it is.

4. Velvetgh0st / Via

Subscribers: 454k

Click here to see her channel.

If you're looking for someone who has their sh*t put together, look no further. Gabriella is a very posh English youtuber who makes you want to be the kind of person who makes cupcakes regularly. It might just be her accent that makes me feel this way about her, but I'm totally into it.

3. Cherry Wallis / Via

Subscribers: 147k

Click here to see her channel.

Cherry is the epitome of her name. She's the cutest, and she will make you want to start wearing polka-dots and using Pinterest for its intended purposes. Her channel ranges from back to school tips to melted snowman cookie recipes. There is something for everyone on her channel, and her outlook on life is really inspiring.. Inspiring in the way that makes you want to take a trip to Michael's and make holiday wreaths for no reason at all.

2. MaddyMcQ / Via

Subscribers: 10k

Click here to see her channel.

Maddy may have the fewest subscribers in this list, but her channel is steadily growing. All of her videos offer a different subject than the last, and I really like how she doesn't just stick to makeup and hair topics. Her best videos are general Q&A's, tag videos, and any vlogs she has. (And her room decor is really cute, too.)

1. Helen "Melon" Anderson / Via

Subscribers: 357k

Click here to see her channel.

Melonlady is like the cool, edgy sister you never had. You will want to tell her all of your secrets. Her channel is all about body confidence, positivity, and being yourself. You can also keep up with her day to day life via her blog channel, Melon World. She will make you want to embrace the inner rock 'n' roll chick you've been quietly repressing since high school.

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