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10 Shows On Netflix You Should Have Watched Already

Also, all of these shows have already ended, so you don't need to worry about keeping up with them on your DVR! Yay!

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1. Breaking Bad / Via

This one almost didn't make it on the list, just because it seems like everyone has already watched it. However, for those of you who somehow missed the chance to see Breaking Bad, it is all on Netflix, waiting very patiently for you to view it. If you enjoy seeing men in whitey-tighties, this show is for you. If you enjoy seeing men blow things up, this show is for you. Everyone wins!

2. The Office / Via

It's hard to tell you how many times this entire series takes over my "Recently Watched" category (its embarrassing). There are a few seasons which aren't quite as good as the others, but quality TV nonetheless. The Office is incredibly relatable, even if you don't work for a paper company based out of Pennsylvania. Also, if you don't know anyone who isn't already obsessed with this show, where have you been?

3. Gilmore Girls / Via

Even if you've never seen an episode, you have heard enough about it to know the general idea. Mother and daughter get along in a small Connecticut town. Doesn't seem like much to base an entire series off of, but it is SO GOOD. The dialogue between any character and Lorelei (Lauren Graham's character) is enough to sit through seven seasons. You will be so charmed by the first episode that you won't be able to stop watching... ever.

4. LOST / Via

You may be thinking "the ending sucked!".. BUT WHAT IF IT DIDN'T. The show itself is a little intimidating, and keeping up with so many characters can be challenging, but the end is worth all of the trouble. Even if you end up watching it and hating it, chances are there will be someone who agrees with you and you now have something new to discuss with coworkers/friends! Yay social interaction!

5. 30 Rock / Via

30 Rock is actually the only one on the list that I watched like a normal person. By "normal person", I mean before it was all available on Netflix for binge-watching purposes. Even though America and I had to wait a week between episodes, 30 Rock was so brilliantly funny and entertaining that it was easy to never miss an episode. If you're into Tina Fey (and if you aren't.. WHAT?!) like any sane person, watch 30 Rock.

6. Freaks and Geeks / Via

Yes, that is James Franco. Yes, that is Seth Rogen. Yes, that is Jason Segel. Freaks and Geeks was canceled after one season, but it had so much potential. It was partly written and directed by Judd Apatow (big surprise there!). It's a really endearing series about what it was like to grow up in the early eighties... Did I mention that James Franco is in it?

7. Scrubs / Via

Scrubs is a lot of things. Mostly, it is the adventures of a medical intern played by Zach Braff. It also has a hyperactive imagination, a hilarious voiceover narrative, and hospital shenanigans. The relationship between the two main characters, J.D. and Turk, is definitely the best part of the show. The bromance going on there is mainly why America stuck around for so many seasons. If you don't like Grey's Anatomy for whatever reason, I insist you try Scrubs to fill that medical-based show void in your life.

8. United States of Tara / Via

United States of Tara is an interesting look into the psychological mindset of one woman who suffers from dissociative identity disorder. The show takes this emotional, heavy issue in a light, positive manner. Toni Collette is INCREDIBLE in it. Unfortunately, there are only three seasons of this wonderful show, but that means you can make room for other shows in your queue when you've finished it!

9. Chuck

The cutest nerd in the world, Chuck Bartowski (played by Zachary Levi), gets into mischief and is inevitably saved by super-hott secret agent. That's the main plot of the show. Chuck also offers the viewers a great sense of humor, fun sidekicks, and Yvonne Strahovski is really, really hott, too. It's a win-win for everyone involved.

10. Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23 / Via

This show was canceled way too quickly. Krysten Ritter's character, Chloe, is the person we all wish we could be, living the life in New York City with no consequences.. Going out drinking every night, not worrying about her job, her future.. The other characters on the show include: James Van Der Beek, playing a fictional version of himself trying to revamp his image and leave behind Dawson's Creek for good, and Dreama Walker as June, the Indiana girl trying to make it big in the city. The premise of the show is a little predictable, but Ritter's character makes it so, so good.

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