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Single and Girl Please I Don’t Need to Mingle

Single AF? Join the club. The perks are endless… so come join the dark side we’ve got independence and a whole lot of self-love.

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Whether you’re feeling like you’re single in the womb and single to the tomb or hopelessly madly in love with your significant other. We all know the roller coaster of the relationship with ourselves. Some days are like “I don’t need no man/woman”, I am a strong independent individual. But, then you’ll have days you see a couple walk into work or strolling down the sidewalk and you’ll feel a pull towards the idea of being in a relationship.

Coming from my Asian background honey you are a hot pot of rice that don’t need no side dish. If you are however a hot pot of rice with a side dish… that my friends is indeed okay, I’m happy for you! Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate relationships (my single ass self may occasionally want a boyfriend or girlfriend from time to time). I think they are a beautiful part of life and if two people genuinely share love and respect for each other I have no issues. What I do have issues with is with some people believing that a relationship will bring them happiness. I guarantee you if you are depressed or sad or whatever negative emotion resides within you, getting into a relationship will not change that; you will still be in the same emotional state just with a distraction in the form of another person.

With that being said, please don’t get into a relationship because society makes you feel that you should… only do so if that is what you truly want in life right now. Let life set its course and go along for the ride and more often than not you’ll find it brings you exactly what you need when you need it or in this case whom you may not necessarily know you needed in the first place.

So its Valentine’s love it or hate it, today’s the day but given the fact that it’s fallen on a Tuesday you’re probably at work (like the meme states). Seriously it’s not all kisses, unnecessarily large teddy bears and flowers. The origins of today are actually pretty dark, some Roman emperor literally executed two men who went by the name “Valentine” (seriously Google it). Execution and death wow how romantic… am I right? To my single readers (holla at your girl with your number because damn is your name Alice? Cuz that ass is a wonderland) today is just a day; think of all that discount chocolate tomorrow. To my taken readers if you really love and value your partner… every day is Valentine’s Day.

Whether that’s the hopeless romantic part of myself that I constantly have a love/hate relationship with I truly believe that if you’re in love with someone every day should be treated like V-Day! Spontaneous gifts small or large, being treated like you are the entire universe and cherishing the one that has your heart. If you love someone tell him or her but more importantly show him or her in your own unique way.

But, as awfully cliché as it sounds you can’t fall in love with someone else until you fall in love with yourself. Remember that there are so many different types of relationships; there is beauty in platonic and romantic ones. Whilst both are equally important in your life the most important relationship is the one with yourself. So do yourself a favor and don’t be too hard on the person looking back at you in the mirror. Because if anyone hasn’t told you yet… that handsome, beautiful and fine looking individual in the mirror is really the most amazing thing in the world and anyone would be lucky to grace your presence.

If you’re single, taken or “it’s complicated” I hope you spend today in whatever damn way pleases you. Spread love and treat either yourself or your bae to a good time.

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