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The Biggest Surprises From Comic-Con 2014

It's not all about the cosplay....or is it?

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1. George Miller came out of no where with a gritty Mad Max reboot

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Director George Miller and Warner Bro's debuted the Mad Max sizzle reel which quickly became one of the highlights of the weekend. Starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, Miller is rebooting his own franchise with an entirely new interpretation.

Prepare to geek out.

2. The Women Who Kick Ass panel kicked ass

Not only was the panel awesome, it was scheduled directly before the Marvel Studios Panel. So those who wanted to attend the Marvel panel, easily one of the biggest draws of the weekend, had to watch Women Who Kick Ass beforehand, or risk not getting in at all. The panel always draws a huge crowd, but its placement in the schedule allowed for a broader audience than usual.

3. The lines were absolutely horrendous

Ok...not shocking whatsoever - but seriously, look at that line.

Certain panels - such as American Horror Story and Fight Club - were booked in rooms far too small for the fan base, causing moderators to turn away hundreds and even thousands of convention goers from seeing their favorite panels.

One plus side of camping outside Hall G was that there was a small chance that Lee Pace or Jared Padalecki may have stopped by to surprise you.

4. Comic Con's introduced a new Hall H wristband system

Wristbands were handed out in line before 1am and after 5am. If you didn't get a wristband then you weren't getting into the first panel, and then it was basically a crap shoot to when, if ever, you would get in.

People don't like change, and the new wristbands were no exception. It predominately caused confusion, annoyance, and anger. The only way to avoid those emotions were to camp out. Over night. In the same line you'd have to wait in all morning. In downtown San Diego.

No thanks.

5. The new Wonder Woman was revealed

Zac Snyder offered a first look at Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and tweeted the revamped look for Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to the joy - and dismay - of fans everywhere.

She looks pretty badass, but critics are condemning Snyder's interpretation for its lack of color, particular her famous red, white & blue - claiming it's more Xena than Wonder Woman.

6. 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon gained 6500 new members

After a woman in the audience referenced the pop culture game "6 degrees of Kevin Bacon", the actor stood up and took a selfie video with all of Hall H adding 6500 people (including myself) to the game.

8. Game of Thrones actually announced new casting

From the Sand Snakes to the High Sparrow (Jonathan Pryce!) to a recasting of Myrcella Baratheon (Cercei's daughter), Hall H got to hear the brand new casting for Season 5.

11. The Following aired an alternate ending

*SPOILER* One where Luke takes matters into his own hands and kills Joe before he can be taken to death row. They shot both endings back to back, and producers refused to tell even the actors which ending would be aired.

12. The Supernatural Q&A session was legitimately shocking

Osric Chau - viewers will know him as Kevin Tran - wowed both the audience and panelists with his surprise appearance at the Supernatural panel on Sunday. Chau approached the microphone and took off his mask (he was cosplaying video game Journey) and directed his question to writer/producer Jeremy Carver, asking "So, when is Kevin coming back?"

Needless to say the audience freakedddd out and the cast members literally bowed down to him.

13. Christopher Nolan makes his first Comic Con appearance EVER

The man responsible for Batman's Dark Knight Trilogy finally made an appearance at Comic Con.

Nolan and Matthew McConaughey showed up in Hall H unannounced to promote their new show Interstellar. Although it only lasted a mere 10 minutes, the surprise appearance definitely got the response it was looking for.

14. Celebs went incognito to walk the floor

Many famous stars took advantage of cosplay to enjoy comic-con without attracting the attention of hordes of fans. Both Maisie Williams and Harry Potter....I mean Daniel Radcliffe went as Spidey, while director Peter Jackson (LOTR) went as evil jester, even posing for pics with convention goers who liked his costume.

Thankfully, they later revealed their true identities through social media, allowing fans to freak out and hypothesize whether they saw real Daniel Radcliffe or just another Spiderman.

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