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One Million Reasons Why Papua New Guinea Should Be On Your Bucket List

Ok so it's only 22, but do you reallyyy have time to read 1 million reasons?

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3. The country is home to over 700 unique tribes

Each with their own languages, customs, and beliefs. Tribal populations vary from a few hundred to thousands of members. Many of these tribes have had little to no contact with outsiders.

6. And the Chimbu Tribe (aka Skeleton Tribe)

Who adorn their bodies with paint to resembles skeletons, each with their own personal twist. Not much is known regarding the reasoning, although it is thought to have originated as a creative war tactic.

9. The Korowai Tribe may be one of the last surviving tribes in the world to practice cannibalism

The Korowai have been known to practice ritual cannibalism up until present day. Most accounts claim they only eat khakhua, which are fellow tribesmen suspected of being witch doctors. The Korawai tribe's first interaction with the outside world was in the 1970's and many members have had no experience with any outsiders.

Seriously, where else could you meet a tribe of cannibals?

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