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Chips, Queso, And Guac!

Mexican is definitely my favorite type of food! I could eat it everyday if my boyfriend would let me! I'm going to tell you about my favorite Mexican Restaurant here in Charlotte, Azteca!

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Authentic Mexican Food

Azteca is located off of Woodlawn Road here in Charlotte! It's connected to a Days Inn Hotel, but don't let that fool you! This is the best Mexican food I have had since I've been in Charlotte. Azteca is a chain restaurant here in Charlotte and it's all owned by the same people! My boyfriend and I come here at like every 2 weeks and we are never disappointed! You know the food is going to be good when they have a mariachi band playing while you're enjoying your food!

What's on the Menu?

As soon as you sit down, the waiter brings fresh chips and salsa to the table! My boyfriend and I get the guacamole every time we come and it's made fresh at your table! For our main meal...I always get the pollo con crema, which is chicken in a sour cream sauce! (so delicious) My boyfriend gets the pollo asado, which is grilled chicken marinated in their special sauce! Each entree comes with a huge portion of rice and beans! You definitely won't leave this place needing more food, their portion sizes are huge and I always have leftovers!

Why is this my favorite Mexican Restaurant?

Azteca is my favorite place to eat Mexican food because everything is so fresh! The food is so delicious and the servers are always so friendly and make sure that we are always taken care of! If you're craving Mexican and date night is coming up, visit Azteca for a delicious and authentic meal!


Since there isn't a blog about Azteca, I decided to post their website so everybody can look at their history, menu, and other fun facts about this delicious restaurant!


Craving Mexican food? Head to Azteca Mexican Restaurant for some freshly made guacamole, and the best authentic Mexican food in Charlotte!#CLTeats

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