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    18 Things From "Friends" That We Don't Talk About, But Should

    Justice for janice!

    Hi, I’m Hafsa, a serious Friends fan. I have a lot of opinions – some more unpopular than others – about the show. Let's see if you agree with them!

    1. Joey would have been more successful if he'd pursued a different career.

    2. Rachel did steal Monica's thunder on their engagement and it was selfish of her.

    3. That being said, Richard was way more compatible with Monica than Chandler was.

    4. Mike was actually quite boring.

    5. Janice was a lovely person and they were unnecessarily horrible to her.

    6. And Gunther should have been part of the gang!

    7. In fact, the whole group were really quite elitist.

    8. Roger's analysis of the gang was completely true, they just weren't ready to hear it.

    9. The gang were bad friends for making it so hard for Ross to get over Rachel.

    10. And for not telling Phoebe that she couldn't sing.

    11. Ross and Charlie made a great couple.

    12. And Rachel and Gavin were cute together.

    13. We never saw Ben and Emma together, and that was weird.

    14. I'm sorry, but Monica was annoying.

    15. And Joey mooched of his friends so much that if it was real life, they probably would've ditched him.

    16. They made turning 30 look like it was the end of the world.

    17. Emily dodged a major bullet.

    18. And Rachel should NOT have gotten off the plane.

    What are your most unpopular Friends opinions? Tell us in the comments!