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6 Times Hey Arnold Wasn't Afraid To Go There

Hey Arnold got way deep.

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1. When Hey Arnold Addressed Abandonment Issues

Nickelodeon / Via tumblr

We all still love to reference Stoop Kid. It's a classic. But do you remember the actual story? Stoop Kid was left on that stoop as a baby! He's dealing with such severe abandonment issues that he's even afraid to leave his stoop to slap Harold (who deserves it). Stoop Kid doesn't even have a name BECAUSE HE'S AN ORPHAN </3

2. Addiction Is Real

Nickelodeon / Via google images

Chocolate boy loves chocolate. Maybe he's even addicted. What happens when Arnold tries to help him go clean? He experiences withdrawal, gets the shakes, then relapses. At one point he even dances like a monkey for a piece of chocolate just so he can get his fix! What happens when Arnold replaces the chocolate with radishes? Chocolate Boy gets addicted to radishes! BECAUSE SOME PEOPLE HAVE ADDICTIVE PERSONALITIES. (This is the last time Chocolate Boy appears in the series...)

3. Even Villains Have Origin Stories

Nickelodeon / Via tumblr

The Jolly Olly man is a nasty miser of a character who some could argue is mentally unstable. But on career day, after being locked in the freezer by the ice cream mad man, Arnold gains some insight into the Jolly Olly Man's problems. He has daddy issues! The Jolly Olly Man's old man is also his boss and is one nasty piece of work. Though this doesn't forgive the cruelty the Jolly Olly Man inflicts on the kids on a regular basis, it does give Arnold some perspective into how he got this way. Because even villains have origin stories.

4. When Hey Arnold Destigmatized Therapy

Nickelodeon / Via giphy

A child psychologist visits PS 118 and recommends that Helga go to therapy. Helga panics. Her parents vilify her for it. She even dresses in a disguise to go to the office! But once she gets there the dynamic changes. She vents about her dysfunctional family, her alcoholic mother, and how no one knows she exists. Except one person... Arnold. Flash back time: On the first day of preschool, Miriam forgets to pack Helga a lunch and lets her walk to school alone, in the rain. No one is there for Helga. When suddenly, there is an umbrella over her head: a cute little boy with a football shaped head is the first person to ever show Helga kindness. Helga works out some feelings, understands a little more about herself, and enjoys the crap out of therapy.

5. Everyones' Thanksgiving Sucks

Nickelodeon / Via Buzzfeed

Arnold lives in a boarding house with his senile grandmother who celebrates the 4th of July on Thanksgiving. Helga lives with an alcoholic mom and a butthole of a dad (and don't even get us started on Olga) who ignore her on Thanksgiving, as well as every other day of the year. So Arnold and Helga set out to find the perfect Thanksgiving and end up at Mr. Simmons house. But guess what? His Thanksgiving/family sucks too! Because you can't win on Thanksgiving! The episode ends with Arnold and Helga deciding that their families' Thanksgivings weren't so bad after all. (But they were. They were terrible.)

6. Society Is Cruel and Life Will Beat You Down

Nickelodeon / Via tumblr

Classic episode. Heartbreaking story. Pigeon Man used to live in society, heck he even went to PS 118! But people were so cruel that became an outcast living alone with his pigeons. And while Arnold, the nicest kid in the world, takes him out for pizza and tries to restore his faith in humanity, goddamn Harold destroys his pigeon coup! On behalf on humanity, we apologize, Pigeon Man. We will promise to always wash our berries and fly towards the sun.

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