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Kylie Jenner Gave Fans A Sneak Peek Into Her $36 Million Mansion, But Their Response Was Probably Not What She Expected

Err, let's just say it didn't really live up to their expectations.

Over the weekend, Kylie Jenner, as requested, hopped on TikTok to give the people what they wanted — a house tour.

kylie taking a selfie

The mansion in question, according to The Dirt, is a $36.5 million home located in Holmby Hills, a very wealthy and exclusive Los Angeles neighborhood situated between Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

view of LA

Reportedly, the single-story home is a whopping 15,000 square feet and boasts seven bedrooms, and has, not one, but two guest apartments on the property, including a "dedicated guard shack."

kylie taking a mirror selfie

It's also equipped with multiple wet bars, a gym, a home movie theater, a pool, and a game room.

kylie's tiktok video

Except — to the fans dismay, they barely got to see any of it, except for a peek of her living room/den and one of the wet bars.

kylie showing her living room
commenter saying, girl move i'm tryna see

In Kylie's defense, she did preface the video, saying, "Ok, I'm not going to do a full house tour..."

kylie talking to the camera

Obviously, Kylie’s home is hers to show or not show — but fans just couldn’t help but feel a certain type of way, and the responses were pretty funny.

just give us the house tour
girl flip the camera
i feel like we're facetaming

They did however praise her choice of background music, which is called "In My Room" by Chance Peña.


While the video was short of a full house tour, what we did glean from it was: Kylie likes her bar area because of this "pretty light."

counter top lantern

She'll be learning how to play the piano this summer. Stormi already receives lessons.

kylie at her piano

She forgot what her shuffleboard was called, and paused, before calling it, "um...my game."

If you're curious about the "house tour," you can watch the full clip below.

@kyliejenner / Via tiktok.com