So Jennifer Lawrence Explained Why She Wore Flip-Flops On The Red Carpet, And Yeah, The Answer Wasn't What I Expected

    "I'm all for making a statement. I just would want it to be on purpose."

    At Cannes this year, Jennifer Lawrence made headlines when she stepped out onto the red carpet — but it wasn't for the reason that you would think.

    jennifer in a floor-length gown on the red carpet

    It was because underneath her gorgeous red-hot Christian Dior couture gown her footwear of choice, to everyone's surprise, was a pair of...flip-flops.

    walking down the stairs and lifting her dress to reveal a pair of flip flops

    Considering how outspoken Jennifer is, naturally, people thought she was making a statement about the festival's antiquated requirement of having women wear high heels for red-carpet screenings.

    Festival organizers have confirmed in the past that this is "obligatory" for all women. And over the years, this has been protested by celebrities such as:

    Kristen Stewart:

    she's taking her heels off on the red carpet

    Julia Roberts:

    walking barefoot up the stairs

    And Jennifer.

    wearing her flip flops

    Except, Jennifer clarified that she wasn't making a statement.

    Her shoes were "too big."

    Jennifer explained to Entertainment Tonight, "I was not making a political statement, not that I wouldn’t. I had no idea until it, like, came out that there was a whole controversy with people wearing flats, or like, walking down the red carpet barefoot. I had no clue. My shoes were a size too big."

    closeup of jennifer at the festival

    She continued, "And I wore heels going up, but then I forgot to take a picture with my production team, Excellent Cadaver. So, we had to take an Excellent Cadaver picture, and I knew I would eat shit if I went down in the shoes that were a size too big. I put on the flip-flops, and then everybody's like, 'What a statement! Wow!'"

    walking up the stairs and lifting the dress to show her wearing the heels

    (A gentle reminder, Jennifer did take a tumble at the Academy Awards while on the way to pick up her Best Actress award in 2013.)

    jennifer on the stairs after she tripped

    "I'm all for making a statement. I just would want it to be on purpose," she added.

    And, that's it. Her shoes were too big and understandably, she didn't want to risk a fall.

    her on the red carpet

    You can read the full interview here.