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Which Union Girl Are You???

The best and the baddest find out which union bitch you are

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  1. What best describes your home life?

    I wish I could describe to you guys what a fastie was.
    We put up posters in our school to get our fights on worldstar.
    6 degrees out, holy!! time to break out the shorts.
    Queen's is basically just my high school.
    18 degrees is like winter back home.
    Cruisin around town in my blue Pontiac
  2. What type of style do you have?

    Skirts, knee high socks, converse and plaid are the perfect combo.
    Oh I can't wear that, it has colour.
    This navy blue sweater would look so good with these new running leggings. Did I mention I'm a runner??????
    *Wears a business suit to her exam*
    Skyzone socks, shower shoes and QP.
    Yak shirt (the animal not the puke) and riding pants
  3. What's your dating style?

    He looked at me?? Oh my god, I love him!!?!!?!
    Tindall field is where I go to pick up guys.
    Got tinder for jokes, but then swiped left and ran out of matches in a night.
    I sucked dick for a prom date.
    Sucked dick before we kissed, puked, still dating.
  4. What kind of sleeper are you?

    I never rest, I have mastering chem, bio and physics, plus 6 math videos to watch. The grind never stops.
    I sleep through all six of my alarms. Only reason I get up is cause my floor mates knock on my door.
    Slept through class so much that they got concerned and switched me to the night one.
    Stayed up to finish an essay, and slept through handing it in
    Frequent napper
    Has a healthy circadian rhythm
  5. Social media of choice?

    First year Facebook album (documents EVERY memory).
    my finsta
    Twitter hears my thoughts before my friends
    Snapchat ;)
    I haven't touched my instagram since the first week of school
    I can only fall asleep watching youtube tutorials
  6. What type of drunk are you?

    Sobs in a pizza pizza for 3 hours and wipes tears with pizza.
    woke up and forgot I punched a guy.
    Ya I puked this morning, you guys didn't!?
    Gets black out off of cider the first night of uni, and almost pukes in Stauff the next morning.
    Gets so drunk, drinks water out of a dog bowl.
    Goes home with a guy, gets him to order pizza, then passes out in his bed #played
  7. What kind of scholar are you?

    Gets into Queen's but doesn't know the great lakes.
    *Thinks she failed an exam...* *gets a 98*
    "Identify and calculate the concentration of each." *Circles b.*
    Starts every essay the day it's due.
    I swear to God, if I have one more group project I'm gonna fucking die.
    "So why do you wanna be a teacher?" " Um, I don't "
  8. What's your go to food?

    Eggs and mustard....(DISGUSTING)
    Try this tofu, it's SOO good. If only there were some fresh av-o-ca-do to go with it.
    Room smells like ramen, and so does soul.
    SO, Quizno's?
    Is 85% Reese's, 15% perrier.
    jars of nutella and bread balls
  9. Drink of choice

    Vodka and more vodka
    As long as it fucks me up idc
    Ice tea + whatever hard liquor I can find
    Black fly
    Vodka and cocktail cran from botterall
    drinks hard liquor like its water
  10. Extra curricular?

    DECA exec!!
    AMS everything! I love being involved!!
    Anything that boosts my linked in profile.
    Project Red (gets all the amish outfits).
    Hip Hop Club...LOL
    Tries out for all the unknown varsity teams, doesn't make any of them.

Which Union Girl Are You???

You got: Logan

If you can confidently quote all of 2015-2017's most popular vines, relate a meme to every life situation, or sing raps in broadway genre, you are most definitely Logan. This 'twa girl has been sweeping us off our feet since the first time we gave her the aux. Don't be too happy tho, you are also most likely a clumsy bitch who runs into a wall and splits her eyebrow open, or is the victim of a hit and run, via come the water works. "WHO WOULD DO THAT"

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You got: Rachel

WelCOMM to the GOODES life, you got Rachel Freeland! This powerpoint endorsing, growth mindset individual is your finsta goals. Ratchel is Union bitches certified drunk mom; holding your hair back when she's more plastered then you and tucking u into bed only for her to pass out on her floor and puke the next morning. Ps if u see her in the street ask her about what group meeting she's going to next or when the bus comes!

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You got: Hannah

Are you a camp counselor?? Do you sleep through the ONLY event your committee has been planning all year? Is your biggest pet peeve when two pieces of clothing aren't the same shade of black? Do you hate puppies, or "have a real fear of dogs"? We figured because you got Hannah, you probably know her since she says hi to literally every person on campus.

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You got: Kate

Congrats or should I say my condolences you got Kate! Just because you don't know the 5 great lakes, that there isn't a border between Vancouver and the rest of Canada and that Justin Timberlake isn't the PM, doesn't mean you don't know how to have a lit time like this Waterloo baddie. In all honestly tho we love this Ontario scholar <3

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You got: Olivia

Do you like plaid, ramen and physics way too much? You must because you got our Van City bitch, Liv Scoten. In her spare time you can find this Union bitch livin it up in the Law library and yacking in maid carts, never a dull time with this one.

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You got: Lucy

The queen of wasting his time. This queens baddie can most times be found in upper year bedrooms and hotel rooms, eating pizza and not putting out and we're so proud of her for it.

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