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    Here Is The Correct Ranking Of Cake Flavors, From Best To Worst

    *always craving cake*

    Hi there, I'm Eunice, and I'm a serious cake lover. I'm just so obsessed with cakes, and I always get hyper whenever I hear anything about them.


    With so many flavors around, though, I decided to organize my thoughts by ranking the flavors I've tried from the best to worst.


    So, check it out!

    1. Red Velvet Cake

    red velvet cake
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    Deciding which flavor I liked the best was really hard, but red velvet cake was first in my mind when I thought about cake, so it had to be in first place. It was actually my favorite from when I was younger, and it was the soft, sweet cream cheese frosting that surprised me so much when I first tried it. I also love the rich buttermilk taste and the cocoa taste (although it isn't strong). 

    My rating: 10/10

    2. Carrot Cake

    carrot cake
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    Carrot cake is also one of my favorite cakes because of the amazing taste the icing has. The cake has a thick layer of icing on top, and I love that feeling you get when it starts to melt very slowly in your mouth after you have a bite. The base is also pretty good with all the tiny carrot pieces embedded inside. I have no idea why it is so underrated. 

    My rating: 9.5/10

    3. Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate Cake
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    Although a lot of people have chocolate cake as their favorite dessert, I was not a huge fan of chocolate cake until a few months ago. After I tried it again not long ago, I was pretty surprised by how delicious it actually was. I love the chocolate base and the frosting, it's really sweet. 

    My rating: 8/10

    4. Lemon Drizzle Cake

    Lemon Drizzle Cake
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    Lemon drizzle cake is so good. The best part is the icing and the pound cake, and they are a great combination. Although it tastes a bit plain because there isn't too much sweetness, it's still very good because of the soft bread base. 

    My rating: 7/10

    5. Strawberry Cream Cake

    Strawberry Cream Cake
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    Next is the strawberry cream cake, and I like this because the fresh cream and sliced strawberries are really delicious. It's really soft, and I think it could be the softest cake. If you compare the texture with the other cakes, it has the softest texture of cream in my opinion. I especially like the Korean and Japanese versions of them. 

    My rating: 6.5/10

    6. Chocolate Swiss Roll

    Chocolate Swiss Roll
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    Roll cakes have different flavors, but I like the chocolate flavor the best. It has sweet cream inside, and I love the cocoa taste with it. But if the cocoa taste is very strong, it gets a bit too sweet, so I like it with a light chocolate taste. But I do like chocolate roll cakes in general. 

    My rating: 6/10

    7. Tiramisu Cake

    Tiramisu Cake
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    Tiramisu cakes are very charming. Although I don't eat a lot of food with caffeine, this one was absolutely good, and would like to try it again since I haven't eaten it for years. I highly recommend this cake to people who like coffee and chocolate. 

    My rating: 5.5/10

    8. Pound Cake

    Pound Cake
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    Pound cakes are very yummy, and I enjoy eating a slice with tea. It's perfect for a simple evening dessert, but I wish they had some different flavors. Although I do like pound cake, if they had some jam or cream to make it more sweeter and tastier, it would definitely be in my top 5. 

    My rating: 5/10

    9. Green Tea Crepe Cake

    Green Tea Crepe Cake
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    After living in Asia for a while, I got to know what a green tea crepe cake was, and tried it for the first time. I could say it was pretty good, but the bitter taste was not the best. I actually like sweet stuff a lot, so I'm not a huge fan of bitter taste. Despite that, it was still tasty, and was a healthy treat. 

    My rating: 4.5/10

    10. Angel Food Cake

    Angel Food Cake
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    Angel food cakes are very simple, but the fluffy texture is amazing. I love vanilla, but for some reason, this cake didn't fit my tastebuds. It's a little too simple just like pound cakes, and I hope there is a new creation with this cake. If it just had a bit more sugar and toppings, it will be perfect. 

    My rating: 4/10

    11. Sponge Cake

    Sponge Cake
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    Sponge cakes taste okay, but it's hard to eat a big amount at a time because it's stuffy. Although it could be heavy, I think if I eat it with milk, it will be a whole new world. Apart from the stuffiness, I love the texture, but wish the same thing I wanted from angel food cake. I feel like it's very plain and simple, so I expect some new creations too. 

    My rating: 3.5/10

    12. Cheesecake

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    Cheesecakes are fine, but it tends to be really greasy, so it's not the type of cake I like. Also, the flavors are important to me too, and I think I need to give another go for the original one, but definitely love the lemon flavor. You might have been surprised seeing cheesecake as one of my least favorite cake, but it is true...I know cheesecake is loved by a lot of people in the world, but I don't think it's my favorite.

    My rating: 2/10

    13. And, Fruit Cake

    Fruit Cake
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    Okay, so firstly, as a fruit lover, I thought I would've liked the cake. But when I tried it, it was just so bad. I'm not sure why I didn't really like it, but it's probably because I don't like dried fruits that much. If the fruits were not dried, I think it would be fine and good. 

    My rating: 1.5/10