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    8 Marvel Characters That Seriously Didn't Deserve To Die

    Let's talk about this, Marvel Studios!

    1. Yondu

    Marvel Studios

    Yes, Yondu was emotionally insulting, but he didn't try to kill the universe or want Quill to help him do so. He had been a good father to Peter, and had done some great things, which didn't really make him an evil person. So, in comparison, he was a good guy, and should have lived.

    2. Vision

    Marvel Studios

    Okay, Vision's death was so sad. He didn't just die, he died twice! Since Thanos' plan became clear, Vision told Scarlet Witch (Wanda) to kill him so the stone in his head got destroyed. But I think you might have been very miserable seeing Vision get killed by Scarlet Witch because they were romantically partners. It's like killing your own boyfriend!

    3. Black Widow

    Marvel Studios

    She sacrificed herself on Vormir so that Hawkeye could reclaim the Soul Stone. Later on, Hulk volunteered to wear the Infinity Gauntlet to prevent the results of Thanos' snap, but failed to bring Black Widow back. I mean, she was always a good character and was totally a hero. We should never forget her.

    4. Loki

    Marvel Studios

    Loki was a good character always, according to Marvel Retcon Hey. Although he wasn't exactly a hero in my opinion, it shows that he's a good villain, and had a good personality, so I think he shouldn't be hated. He did kill a bunch of people and might have done things a bit bad as a villain. But since he's still considered as a good character, his death is very unfortunate.

    5. Falcon

    Marvel Studios

    Next is Falcon, our beloved Marvel hero. When Earth came under attack by Thanos and his evil orders, it brought Falcon out of hiding. He got killed because they eventually was defeated, as Thanos got the Infinity Stones, and used those to cause the snap, killing a bunch of people including Falcon. He was a great Marvel hero, and as a fan of him, you probably were very sad about his death.

    6. Scarlet Witch

    Marvel Studios

    Scarlet Witch was also killed in the snap, after Thanos completed the Infinity Gauntlet. This part is really sad, because Scarlet Witch was also one of the main heroes with Vision, and they just all died. If Marvel Studios kept them alive in some way, and made the romance part go more fun and interesting, I think WandaVision would have been more of a success. I think the reason why Vision and Scarlet Witch's death is very sad is because of the romance they had.

    7. Groot

    Marvel Studios

    Like how a lot of the Marvel heroes died in the snap that Thanos caused, Groot was one of them and eventually, he died. He actually sacrificed himself for his allies because Ronan's ship, which is the Dark Aster plunged toward the surface of Xandar, he sacrificed himself to protect his people.

    8. Iron Man

    Marvel Studios

    Lastly, Iron Man. He had a devastating ending, because he died as a result of snapping Thanos. He was one of my most favorite Marvel heroes, and people will love his braveness to fight anybody who stood in his way. He was also considered the best Avenger, and I somehow very much agree. If there's another movie or a fun episode of Avengers again, let's really hope that Iron Man returns.

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