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Only Cool Zillennials Are Familiar With These 13 '00s TV Shows And Websites

What happens in Club Penguin stays in Club Penguin...

1. Webkinz


Release year: 2005

Webkinz was a virtual plush toy website where children could log into to play games. It basically only had animals and their adoption codes were very hot commodities.

2. Lizzie McGuire


Release year: 2001

This TV sitcom was about a relatable 13-year-old girl that faced problems in her teenage life. Remember when she kissed Aaron Carter under the mistletoe?!

3. Habbo Hotel

Rock Paper Shotgun

Release year: 2000

Habbo hotel was an online game where you could make hotel rooms and complete quests. You could also chat with other users and make your own character.

4. That's So Raven


Release year: 2003

That's So Raven was a popular Disney Channel sitcom that encapsulated '00s style. It's about a hilarious teen, Raven, who's a talented fashion designer and gets brief psychic visions about the future. She loved to say "Ya nasty!" and we all lived for it!

5. Star Doll


Release year: 2004

Star Doll was a dress-up game that everyone was obsessed with. You could also create your own doll to customize your experience. Finding the right shade of blush was always so satisfying.

6. Hannah Montana


Release year: 2006

This show was about a teenage girl living a busy life as a famous singer named Hannah Montana, an alternate identity she adopted so she could live a normal life as a teen named Miley. Sweet niblets! We all wanted a blonde wig after watching her perform!

7. Club Penguin

Club Penguin Rewritten

Release year: 2005

Club Penguin was an online multiplayer game where players used penguin characters and played winter themed games. Who could forget the iconic chatroom feature that became a big hit amongst friends?!

8. Wizards Of Waverly Place


Release year: 2007

This TV show was about the Russo children using magic to solve problems in their daily life but also trying to be normal teens as well. Alex kept her wand in her boot and honestly, was the coolest wizard in town.

9. Yahooligans! (Yahoo Kids)

Release year: 1996

Yahooligans was a site that had a lot of fun content including news, games, jokes, and chat rooms. Just looking at this makes me nostalgic.

10. iCarly


Relase year: 2007

iCarly was a TV show about a girl named Carly Shay, who made her own web show called iCarly with her friends. I think we all wanted a cool older brother like Spencer, too.

11. Neopets


Release year: 1999

Neopets was a pet game to make and care for pets. You were allowed to adopt your own pet or create one from scratch. Good times!

12. Kim Possible

Disney/Syfy wire

Release year: 2002

Kim Possible was about the adventures of a high school student who fights crime. She was an inspiration to us all!

13. My Scene

My Scene Wiki-Fandom

Release year: 2005

The My Scene girls pretended to be in an action movie filmed in New York. You got to control their makeovers and fashion choices. They were basically Instagram baddies before Instagram existed.

Are there any iconic TV shows or websites we missed from the Zillennial experience? Leave a comment about your childhood experiences below!