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The Dog That Did A Maternity Photo Shoot Had Puppies And They're Adorable


Lilica the dog recently stole our hearts with her ~flawless~ maternity photo shoot.

Her photos are pretty much perfection, but there was just one thing missing: the five puppies she delivered one day after the photo shoot.

There was no doubt her puppies would be as adorable as her, but we now have photographic PROOF that they are.

Ana Paula Grillo, the photographer who captured the maternity shoot, just posted photos of all of Lilica's babies, and holy crap are they cute.


The litter includes four boys and one girl, seen here.

Her brothers love her!

Though all of the puppies have been adopted by Lilica's owner's adult children and their families, she's clearly a doting mom.

It looks like all dem pups inherited their mama's photogenic skills.


Crush my ovaries right now, why don't you?

Keep on smiling, Lilica. Motherhood suits you.