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    This Town Elected A Pit Bull As Mayor And I'm Moving There Immediately

    Suddenly I love politics.

    Everyone, please meet the newest mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky: Brynneth Pawltrow.

    Brynneth (Brynn for short) is a 3-year-old rescue pit bull, and she won her mayoral election in a 3,300-vote landslide.

    According to her owner/campaign manager, Jordie Bamforth, Brynn ran a campaign based on "peace, love, and understanding."

    Brynn was sworn into office with a very special "Indawguration Ball" back in January, and she's spent the first six months of her term doing important political work, like meeting with her constituents:

    Now, it's important to note that Brynn was not the first pup to ~shatter the glass ceiling~, so to speak. In fact, the town of Rabbit Hash has had a few canine mayors in the past.

    Being mayor can be pretty exhausting, but someone's gotta do it.

    So, uh, are you thinking what I'm thinking?