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    18 Adorable Pictures Of Prince Harry With Dogs

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    1. As a member of the royal family, Prince Harry gets to meet a lot of cool dogs.

    2. Like, tiny little puppies.

    3. And sometimes they give him kisses.

    4. He gets to hang out with awesome assistance dogs.

    5. And shake hands with pups who are super smart.

    6. Awww.

    7. Like this one who guides their owner while swimming.

    8. And this one who got a bit cold in the pool.

    9. He gets to chill with all kinds of clever dogs.

    10. And sometimes takes them for walks.

    11. Sometimes Harry hangs out with teeny barky dogs.

    12. And occasionally gets to meet even tinier ones.

    13. This badass dog stops poaching.


    14. Look at this handsome pup!

    15. And this fluffy bear.

    16. One prince with another prince.

    17. Hello, little puppy!

    18. Oh my god.