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    13 Signs You Might Own A Badass Winter Cat

    Humans are weak. Get over it.

    There's a misconception that cats HATE winter.

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    When in reality, if you look close enough, you might notice that your cat is fascinated by winter. It draws them out. It doesn't scare them away. It intrigues them.

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    Does your cat actually thrive in the winter? Does it bring out an animalistic side of them? Does your cat look like this majestic beast?

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    1. You know your cat loves winter when they will literally sunbathe in the frigid snow.

    @charliejinks / Via

    2. And when they lose their mind after feeling snow on their paws for the first time that season.

    @desertreverie / Via

    3. Your cat might completely forget how to behave and suddenly have the urge to FEEL EVERYTHING.

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    4. And when they get thirsty, they just lick the ground. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

    @raph_the_cat / Via

    5. All of a sudden, your cat feels a tingle of wanderlust in their tiny, tiny paws.

    @catcuddlesrule / Via Instagram: @catcuddlesrule

    6. Because they finally get their chance to reconnect with nature.

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    7. The second the fresh air hits their whiskers, your cat's adrenaline starts pumping.

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    8. And they know that it's time. It's their chance to pounce on the opportunity to enjoy winter in all its glory.

    9. Your cat will want to cherish every single moment in the great outdoors.

    @yoremahm / Via

    10. And it's guaranteed they will give you this face when you tell them it's time to go back inside.

    @jmyodafriend / Via

    "5 more minutes!"

    11. Unlike you, cats can make peace with the cold. They don't need to worry about snow pants or mittens. They are already equipped to handle the cold.

    @foxkay / Via

    Because they furry AF.

    12. Cats and the snow become one.

    @jakajadric / Via

    13. And at times, you might have trouble telling them apart. Your cat will completely immerse itself in winter. Don't panic.

    @aconchegosdeinverno / Via

    Just remember that you are weak and cats are the ultimate species. Now, go hug your furry, fearless friends.

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