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22 Reasons Samoyeds Are THE Animal Of 2016


1. They've been patiently flirting with you throughout this past year...

2. ...even if you've been takin' your sweet time to recognize their cuteness!

3. No matter what, they can't stay mad at you for very long anyways.

4. Sammies proved they could hold back from being annoying backseat drivers.

5. And they are the HAPPIEST OF DOGS.

6. They are intrepid climbers, proving to you how brave they can be.

7. Besides, have you ever seen a more beautiful tableau than these two pups in some wildflowers?

8. Their patience alone should convince you to join the Sammie Wagon in 2016.

9. Here is a pair of cuddle buddies showing you that cuteness can come in twos...

10. ...and here's proof that these fluffs can even be majestic on their own.

11. So even though they may not be feeling you and request that you "talk to the paw..."

12. ...and they might take Taco Tuesdays a smidge too literally...

13. ...Sammies will always tell you how special you are!

14. They'll always be down for a good joke, too.

15. See?! They can sploot like the best of 'em!

16. How can you deny the graceful honor of these dance moves??

17. If you don't think Samoyeds will totally rule 2016, ya might need to see a doctor.

18. So gather your snacks...

19. ...and every buddy you can find...

20. ...because it's time to finally stop "ignoring" Sammies!

21. They're so excited to rock 2016 with you!

22. Because a Samoyed's your best pal, no matter how big or how small.

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