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This Couple Successfully Cloned Their Dog After He Died

And the results are adorable!

A Yorkshire-based couple cloned their dog to help deal with the loss of their longtime friend and companion.

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Laura and Richard's dog, Dylan, passed away on June 30, 2015.

They knew that they wanted to preserve their memory of him in some way.

Inspired by another UK family who had their dog cloned while it was still alive, Laura and Richard called Sooam Biotech, who said they could freeze some of Dylan's cells until they were ready to try to clone him.

Laura and Richard collected the DNA samples themselves and sent them to the Sooam Biotech lab in South Korea.

The DNA got to the lab later than the preferred timeline, and there were some issues with the cells growing – which meant Richard and Laura weren’t sure if they’d successfully be able to clone the late Dylan.

However, after a few weeks, the cells began to grow!

Thirty-one days after receiving the DNA samples, Sooam Biotech was able to confirm TWO pregnancies!

Laura and Richard went to South Korea to be there for the birth.

The puppies look just like Dylan!

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