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21 Pure And Perfect Things That Will Make You Feel Better

Just a reminder that not everything is terrible.

1. This stairway to heaven.

2. This perfect caption.

3. The cutest bunch of grapes you have ever seen.

4. These two.

5. These three.

6. The purest WikiHow article of all time.

7. This beautiful inter-species friendship.

8. This perfect duet.

9. This enthusiastic dad.

10. These cows, wild and free.

11. This secret quantum pup.

12. This guy, just having some fun.

13. The most supportive form of this meme.

14. These glorious seven seconds of footage.

15. The nicest captcha of all time.

16. This sweet and perfect child.

17. This guide to cat-calling.

18. The sweetest meme of all time.

19. This sweet weirdo.

20. This dog, for whom we are all happy.

21. This supportive parent.