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    19 Pictures That Prove The Bigger The Dog, The Better

    They're big fluffy babies that aren't entirely aware of just how big they are.

    1. Big dogs make excellent beds.

    2. Seriously, instead of getting a bed for your little dog, just get a bigger dog.

    3. And everyone else is an excellent chair for them.

    4. They also make excellent blankets.

    5. Unfortunately, they sometimes outgrow even human-sized furniture.

    6. They might look scary, but they're all friendly giants.

    7. The benefit of them being so big is that they can cuddle two humans at once.

    8. Though a lot of the bigness does tend to be 50% fluff.

    9. They're our equals.

    10. And they're the best cuddle partners.

    11. They're the guardians of all things little and precious.

    12. And they're the cutest way of getting a great upper-body workout.

    13. They occasionally serve as an excellent mode of transport.

    14. Even when they're little, they're still big.

    15. They can be as portable as little dogs!

    16. Their dedication to pretending to be lapdogs can be a little impractical at times.

    17. But they make wonderful dance partners.

    18. They're just big, fluffy babies.

    19. Who are not entirely aware of just how big they are.