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    23 Dogs At Weddings That'll Make You Believe In Love

    I do(g).

    1. This beautiful flower girl who doesn't mean to upstage anyone.

    2. This groomsman who practiced his blue steel all morning.

    3. This puppy who has been upgraded to Best Man's Best Friend status.

    4. This beautiful pup who couldn't be happier for the lucky couple.

    5. And this pint-sized puppy who almost looks happier than any bride.

    6. This gorgeous bridesmaid who gets a day to dress up AND gets a day at the beach.

    7. This stunning beauty who has that red carpet pose perfected.

    8. And this ball of fluff who is on cloud nine.

    9. This adorable wedding accessory that goes with ANY outfit.

    10. This dapper pup waiting for his own wedding feast.

    11. This family portrait that's all smiles.

    12. This trustworthy guard dog just getting a bit of shut-eye before the big day.

    13. This bundle of fluff who doesn't mind taking the spotlight.

    14. And this puppy who always wanted to be a flower girl.

    15. This gorgeous ring bearer who couldn't be happier to be there.

    16. This tiny little groomsman who is the most handsome little groomsman who has ever existed.

    17. This ring bearer who might be a tiny lion.

    18. And this beautiful pup who just wants to be included.

    19. This stunning pair of wedding pups, one for the bride's side and one for the groom's.

    20. This whole PARTY of puppies who are ready for a Mehndi ceremony.

    21. This little fluffball who is completely ~wrapped~ with her wedding day look.

    22. This tiny wedding guest who can't wait to hear your bow vows.

    23. And this sleepy pup who is all worn out from the best day ever.

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