A Lion, Tiger, And Bear Who Were Rescued From Captivity Are Now Best Friends

    A lion, a tiger, a bear, oh my.

    A lion, a tiger, and a bear have formed an adorable friendship after being rescued as cubs 15 years ago.

    Baloo the black bear, Leo the lion, and Shere Khan the tiger came to Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary (NAAS) in Georgia, after being found in a basement during a drug raid in Atlanta. All three were malnourished and infected with parasites.

    However, all three fully recovered and now live happily together at the sanctuary.

    Shere Kahn has been described as the "mischievous, affectionate" one.

    Leo is "stoic" and enjoys napping.

    And Baloo is "confident" and loves a sweet treat.

    Speaking to The Dodo, NAAS curator Allison Hedgecoth said that the animals' traumatic start to life has created a lifelong bond.

    "All three are still equally affectionate with one another," she said. Although they are apparently slowing down in their later years.