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19 Dogs Who Are Funny As Fuck

Who the fuck is Snuffles?!

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1. This pupper who feels betrayed:

2. Awwww at this one who went under:

3. Or this...wait, what?

4. There's a HUGE difference here:

6. Hopefully he appreciated this, lol:

7. He was probably just worried:

8. This is definitely one thing that all grandmas have in common:

9. Jealousy is real:

10. Thanks for letting us get a sniff around your place:

11. I mean, clearly, same:

12. This is just who he is:

13. LOL:

14. OK, now he's crossed a line:

15. I never thought I'd see these magical three beings in one place:

16. ????

17. Like, same, we've all been there:

18. It's a ruff life:

19. And finally, the one thought that all dogs share:

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