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    18 Pictures That Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel A Little Bit Better

    We're paws-itive.

    1. Feeling a bit down today? No worries, just look at these cat paws:

    2. Still feeling sad? Okay, how about these:

    3. Perhaps you like your paws a little fluffier?

    4. Or you like looking at the little pink toe beans:

    5. We've got some black-licorice toe beans, too:

    6. Are you better yet? No? Okay, let's try this:

    7. Or these multicolored paws that come attached to a cat with a mustache:

    8. Take a look at these paws from underneath:

    9. Or these paws that want to give you a double high-five:

    10. These paws that are all tucked under their owner's body:

    11. Feast your eyes upon these paws that are so relaxed:

    12. And these paws that don't match, but are still adorable:

    13. Still not cheered up? Don't worry, we've got more paws to look at:

    14. This paw, which is doing the can-can:

    15. These paws, which you just want to rub with your hands:

    16. This cat's paw, which is a little bit ~extra~.

    17. And these kitties, who want to hold each other's paws while they sleep.

    18. Now are you feeling better? Good! Now go have a great day!