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25 Dogs Who Are So Cute, But So, So Dumb

What sweet, dumb, precious angels.

1. This smiling doggo who wanted to help you get dressed in the morning.

2. This delightful pupster who just wanted to taste the rainbow.

3. This sweet, enthusiastic girl who wanted to improve on the game of fetch.

4. This polite pupper who knows not to enter until the invisible door has been opened.

5. This sweet doggy who doesn't understand what kind of magical force field is at work here.

6. This industrious little dude who was sure he'd solved the door problem.

7. This doe-eyed sweetheart who honestly thought he could fit through a sleeve.

8. This mischievous guy, who can't understand how you knew he went in the garbage.

9. This persevering pupperoni who just wants to use the slide.

10. This beloved pooch who is loving his favourite show.

11. This lovely little angel who is regretting everything.

12. This cheerful bud who is not stuck — he is exactly where he wants to be.

13. This exhausted canine getting some shut-eye after a long day.

14. These sleepy doggos who don't understand differences in size.

15. This obedient doggy who knows she's stuck there until her human returns.

16. This determined little flufferton who just wants his ball.

17. This dynamic corgi who could think of no better way to get the chips at the bottom of the bag.

18. This sad-eyed buster who really did think he could eat some of your tomatoes without anyone noticing.

19. This regretful poochie who wishes you'd put down the camera and help.

20. This darling doggo who got stuck underneath the couch and couldn't be happier about it.

21. This self-satisfied floof who saw an opportunity to escape and almost made it.

22. This precious pupperton who got a little too excited playing with his favourite toy.

23. This trapped little fella who just wanted a milkshake.

24. This charming little darling who doesn't get why toys are so hard to use nowadays.

25. And this euphoric little mutt who finally achieved the impossible.

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