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    21 Dogs Who Will Sleep Wherever They Damn Well Please

    Sweet dreams, doggos.

    1. It is a truth universally acknowledged that dogs can fall asleep wherever the hell they want.

    Bobbysan / Via

    2. Even if it can't possibly be comfortable.

    ssuu6 / Via

    3. They'll conk out in places where you're not even sure how they got in there.

    4. They don't even need an actual bed, as long as they have a soft surface.

    Australian Working Dog Rescue / Via

    5. Some dogs don't even need to lie all the way down to fall asleep.

    6. Or lie down at all, really.

    AUX1_Dub / Via

    7. A long day of cleaning can really tucker a little dude out.

    8. Long car rides are a surefire recipe for nap.

    ngshay / Via

    9. Especially if they're in the driver's seat.

    10. Many dogs forget how to dog the second they pass out.

    Soulrebel84 / Via

    11. Sometimes they can't even make it all the way onto the couch.

    dizzzyp / Via

    12. And even if they're not allowed on the couch, that won't prevent them from getting some shut-eye.

    13. Puppers don't care if you need your privacy when there is sleep to be had.

    Carlonicus / Via

    14. Hey, food comas, we've all been there.

    yayadee17 / Via

    15. "I'll finish the rest of the stairs after a quick siesta."

    16. Not even dogs are immune from tiring 8 a.m. classes.

    Orrriginal / Via

    17. Technically there's no dog in this photo, but we can probably assume someone fell asleep in the rain.

    puddingflinger / Via

    18. Dogs know that naps are just the best, and they'll take one whenever and wherever they can.

    19. And who can blame them?

    natezim / Via

    20. When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep.

    fehaar / Via

    21. So no matter how these pups decide to fall asleep, it’s impossible not to love them. ❤️

    lookforthesun / Via

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