21 Dogs Who Will Sleep Wherever They Damn Well Please

Sweet dreams, doggos.

1. It is a truth universally acknowledged that dogs can fall asleep wherever the hell they want.

Bobbysan / Via imgur.com

2. Even if it can’t possibly be comfortable.

ssuu6 / Via reddit.com

3. They’ll conk out in places where you’re not even sure how they got in there.

4. They don’t even need an actual bed, as long as they have a soft surface.

Australian Working Dog Rescue / Via reddit.com

5. Some dogs don’t even need to lie all the way down to fall asleep.

6. Or lie down at all, really.

AUX1_Dub / Via reddit.com

7. A long day of cleaning can really tucker a little dude out.

8. Long car rides are a surefire recipe for nap.

ngshay / Via reddit.com

9. Especially if they’re in the driver’s seat.

10. Many dogs forget how to dog the second they pass out.

Soulrebel84 / Via reddit.com

11. Sometimes they can’t even make it all the way onto the couch.

dizzzyp / Via imgur.com

12. And even if they’re not allowed on the couch, that won’t prevent them from getting some shut-eye.

13. Puppers don’t care if you need your privacy when there is sleep to be had.

Carlonicus / Via imgur.com

14. Hey, food comas, we’ve all been there.

yayadee17 / Via reddit.com

15. “I’ll finish the rest of the stairs after a quick siesta.”

16. Not even dogs are immune from tiring 8 a.m. classes.

Orrriginal / Via reddit.com

17. Technically there’s no dog in this photo, but we can probably assume someone fell asleep in the rain.

puddingflinger / Via imgur.com

18. Dogs know that naps are just the best, and they’ll take one whenever and wherever they can.

19. And who can blame them?

natezim / Via reddit.com

20. When you gotta sleep, you gotta sleep.

fehaar / Via reddit.com

21. So no matter how these pups decide to fall asleep, it’s impossible not to love them.

lookforthesun / Via reddit.com

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