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    Literally Just A Bunch Of Photos Of Cats Sitting In Tiny Chairs

    And these chairs are juuuuust right.

    1. "Wha? You got me MY OWN CHAIR?"

    2. "It's only for kittens? Not for humans?"

    3. "It's the perfect size for all of my kitty activities!"

    4. "And it even matches yours!!!"

    5. "My favorite color! How did you know?"

    6. "I'm not sure what I need an ottoman for, but I appreciate the thought just the same."

    7. "The pattern may be old-fashioned, but the comfort is top-notch."

    8. "I can use it to nap..."

    9. "...And sit..."

    10. "...And sit in a different position..."

    11. "...And to oversee all of my important business in this room."

    12. "I've always wondered why you humans never sit on the floor, but now I understand."

    13. "This is what true comfort and happiness is."

    14. "After this, the floor just won't do."

    15. "Thank you for this kitty-sized gift, human."

    16. "Now I'll never have to use your giant furniture ever again."

    17. "...But maybe I'll still use it sometimes."