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    23 Cats Who Are So Ready For Boxing Day

    They want Christmas to be over right meow.

    1. This cat, who can't believe how many people came over on Christmas Day:

    2. This cat, who just wants Aunt Helen to go home already:

    3. This cat, who just wants to disguise himself until everyone goes away:

    4. This cat, who just needs some alone time after all the Christmas excitement:

    5. This cat, who can't believe he's gotten to the end of the presents:

    6. This cat, who doesn't understand why his Christmas gift came with a pair of free shoes:

    7. This cat, who can't believe you got him the wrong box even though he specifically told you which box he wanted:

    8. This cat, who knows how to give accurate Christmas presents:

    9. This cat, who is eyeing that plate of leftover turkey:

    10. This kitten, who got too rowdy on Christmas and was put in a time-out:

    11. These kittens, who can't believe Cousin Eddie showed up wearing that:

    12. This cat, who can't believe that you got him socks again:

    13. This cat, who really hopes you like the present he got you:

    14. This cat, who would rather wear anything than the turtleneck you got her:

    15. This cat, who vehementy denies eating too much at Christmas Dinner:

    16. These cats, who just want to relieve some holiday stress with bubble wrap:

    17. This cat, who is exhausted from staying up all night to catch Santa:

    18. This cat, who totally spied on Santa:

    19. This cat, who doesn't understand why her human is more interested in what was inside the present:

    20. This cat, who can't believe she got exactly what she wanted for Christmas:

    21. This cat, who wants to be your Christmas gift:

    22. This cat, who knows that the bigger the Christmas gift, the better:

    23. And this cat, who is dreaming of next Christmas. Only 364 days to go!