17 Pictures That Prove Big Dogs Are Friggen' Goobers

    Biggest dweebs around.

    1. This flooferton who's into taking goofy selfies.

    2. This little dude who isn't sure what the heckin' heck is going on but he's having an awesome time.

    3. This goober who thinks he can actually drive a car.

    4. This cowboy who loves runnin' around with his tongue out.

    5. And this squish who isn't sure of what to do with his ginormous paws.

    6. This oaf who thinks this chair is the perfect size for him.

    7. This curious cherub who thinks he knows where the secret snacks are stored.

    8. This guy who knows he's too big to be carried but really doesn't care.

    9. This nervous bud who is too nervous to jump over the ladder.

    10. This creative fellow who thinks he's figured out the key to beating the summer heat.

    11. This one who needs to practice his smile a little more.


    13. This dude who just wants to be a cool kid.

    14. And this sir who thinks he's ~one of the guys~.

    15. This proud cutie who wanted to show everyone how much he loves sand.

    16. This sly thief who is very proud of his accomplishments.

    17. And finally, this goon who is very, very, very confused.