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19 Pictures That Prove Puppies Are Actual Rays Of Sunshine

They're too pure.

1. This sleeper snuggling up with his mama.

2. This friendly cherub who makes friends everywhere she goes.

3. This snuggly little love nugget.

4. This tiny tot who's just trying to copy his big brother.

5. This brave soul who is trying his best to conquer his fear of water.

6. This little lady who is on a VERY SERIOUS mission.

7. This cheeky fella who understands the importance of his booty.

8. This squad who decided to execute a flawless cuddle puddle.

9. This freckled pal who loves getting hugs from his human.

10. This little one who just wants to take a nap already.

11. This baby who is a little nervous for his first car ride so he's sticking close to his best bud.

12. These two warriors of the streets.

13. And these pooches who were just trying to take a nice family photo.

14. This pile of floof who should be squished for all of eternity.

15. This squad who throws the best backyard bashes.

16. This very tiny, very fluffy little bear.

17. This baby who's showing off that slight head tilt.

18. This tiny angel who must be cuddled all day long.

19. And finally, this baseball fan who just wanted to be a part of the game.