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You Should Probably Adopt One Of These 20 Mini Donkeys Who Need Forever Homes

Do you have a big enough heart/home for a small miracle?

Guys, this is a baby miniature donkey.

This is also a mini donkey.

Here is a mini donkey chilling with his dog BFF.

And this is a mini donkey galloping on his adorable little short legs through the paddock.

Recently, more than a 160 mini donkeys were rescued from a breeder in Texas.

The Triple R Horse Rescue ranch in Cave Creek, Arizona, took in 20 of those donkeys and is now hoping to find them ~forever homes~.

Obviously you should have plenty of room if you plan on taking in a mini donkey, and be able to provide them with proper care and feeding.

And FYI, according to the National Miniature Donkey Association, "Miniature donkeys are 'herd' animals. To avoid undue stress and loneliness, it is strongly recommended they not be kept singly but with another Miniature Donkey or other animal as a life-long friend" — so you may want to consider applying for two.

The adoption fee for a mini donkey? $400. To apply, you need to go to the Triple R Horse Rescue website and fill out an application. Donkey owners will be chosen by lottery.

Good luck!