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    21 Things That Happen When You Have A Really Massive Dog

    RIP to all the cups broken by your dog's powerful, swishy tail.

    1. Your dog has a tendency to underestimate its size.

    He doesn't realize that he is too big for our little dog's bed 😂

    2. And you've had the leg-numbing experience of them using you as a seat.

    3. Harnesses are your best friend when taking your big dog for walks.

    4. And even when walking your dog is going just fine, some randomer will comment "it looks like that dog is taking YOU for a walk".

    5. No food is truly safe on the counter.

    6. Being practically human-sized means they act pretty human sometimes.

    7. You've used them as a comfy pillow before.

    8. And a footrest.

    9. Car journeys mean you end up in extremely close proximity to your pet.

    10. If they fall asleep on you, you know you're not going anywhere for a while.

    Currently can't move because my dog fell asleep on me💀

    11. Ditto when they block a door.

    When you need to use the bathroom but your weirdo dog is blocking your door. 😂 #greyhound

    Because it's not like you can pick them up.

    12. Or when they decide mid-walk that they fancy just sitting for a while.

    This keeps happening when im walking josies normal dog decides to sit and chill mid walk!

    13. So you've maybe occasionally resorted to bribery.

    14. Sometimes you can't comprehend that at one point, they were small enough for you to carry.

    15. Washing them involves getting absolutely drenched.

    16. You know that their giant wagging tail, plus any nearby glass, will usually result in an accident.

    My dog's tail literally just broke a glass table

    17. And the pain of when that weighty tail hits you in the face.

    Lmao my mom asked my dog if she wanted a treat so she started wagging her tail and hit me in the face😂😂😂😂

    18. You know the sad truth that big dogs = big poos 💩

    19. And that big dogs are the ultimate sofa hogs.

    20. But they are excellent companions to nap with.

    21. And they are second-to-none when you need a hug.