A Hilariously Accurate Guide To Dog Owners In New York City

    A hilarious guide to the ~breeds~ of New York City dog owners drawn by illustrator and cartoonist David Ostow.

    1. The Canine Doppelgänger

    2. The Snobbish Observer

    3. The Bookish Setter

    4. The Wire-Haired Gabber

    5. The Long- and Short-Haired Gutterpunk

    6. The New Yorkie

    7. The Sporting Gadget Hound

    8. The Melty-Poo

    9. The Doting Kinderhund

    10. The Studied-Up Pointer

    David told BuzzFeed what inspired him to create the illustrated series:

    I got the idea for this series one day in Prospect Park when a dog with a sleek purple Mohawk zipped by me. "What kind of person would do that to a dog?" I wondered. I looked up to see two barefoot stoner types gleefully chasing their purple pup in the early autumn splendor. "Oh," I reasoned to myself. "That kind of person."

    For every feverishly digging terrier you encounter in the dog runs of New York, for every chihuahua running in anxious circles and for every mutt of indeterminate origin standing in a corner barking an endless staccato SOS like a paranoid sentinel, there is an equally bizarre, likely neurotic and utterly indecipherable personality on the other end of the leash.

    Everyone knows that dogs are the source of comedy but spend some time in the dog park and you'll find that the community of people who care for them is no less amusing in its own way. Nowhere is that more the case than in New York City, a place where neurosis is an art form perfected by many.

    Unlike the breeds I've profiled in this series, most of us New York City dog owners and dog lovers are mutts. The personality ticks I lay out here exist in all of us in greater and lesser concentrations. Luckily our dogs don't seem to mind.

    You can check out more of David's work on his Instagram and his website.