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    This Golden Retriever Loves You So Much He'll Actually Do A Trust Fall Into Your Arms

    Good boy, Watson. Very good boy.

    This is Watson, a one-year-old golden retriever from Washington who is also the most trusting dog in the world.

    Whether it's with humans or with his furry friends, Watson's always up for a snuggle, no questions asked.

    And now he has a very special trick he'd like to show you.

    That's right. Watson will, on command, do a trust fall into your loving arms and then appreciatively lick your face.

    Watson's owner Jennifer said she didn't teach him the trick. "I stared noticing that he would just fall on me when I was sad or depressed," she told BuzzFeed. "It's his way of saying I'm here."

    Eventually, Jennifer got Watson to do his trust fall on command, and the results are simply adorable.

    Good boy, Watson. Very good boy.

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