A Raccoon Broke Into A Toronto High School Art Class To Find Artistic Fulfillment

Students named the raccoon “King.”

1. Raccoons keep trying to tell us they are people, with all the corresponding human needs for transportation, doughnuts — and spiritual fulfillment through art.

2. This raccoon snuck into a high school art class in Toronto and just wanted to express himself, but before he could create his masterpiece the art teacher walked back in and spooked him.

Art teacher Mark Tufford at the R.H. King Academy in Scarborough shared these photos of the raccoon, later named “King” by students.

Tufford told the Toronto Star he always opens the classroom window when he gets in, and King must have used that as his chance to get inside.

“I looked up and saw the critter standing in the middle of the table, looking right at me,” Tufford told the newspaper.

3. The raccoon made himself at home inside the classroom for about an hour before animal control arrived to take King away, shattering his artistic dreams.

4. “It was certainly the talk of the school for the day,” Tufford told the Star.

BuzzFeed Canada has reached out to the school for comment.

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Ishmael Daro is a social news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in Toronto.
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