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18 Dogs Who Completely Won Halloween

They're dressed to impress.

1. This little lion cub.

2. And this Chihuahua who's clowning around.

3. This crabby little girl.

4. And this little firefighter.

5. This wiener dog in a wiener costume.

6. And this cute lil' triceratops.

7. This furry pack of lion cubs.

8. And this law-enforcing fluff ball.

9. This adorable jack-o'-lantern.

10. And this vicious little shark.

11. This pawfect Westie with spidey senses.

Happy Halloween! 🎃👻 #Halloweendog #spiderdog #cutestcostume

With great cuteness comes great responsibility.

12. And this presidential fella.

13. This little lobster.

14. And this Pomeranian Pikachu.

15. This Superdog.

16. And let's not forget about her counterpart.

17. This smiling Frenchie in a tortilla shell.

18. And finally, this fuzzy little dude.