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19 Dogs Who Are Actually You In Bed

Throw them a bone.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us pics of their animals tucked into bed.

1. When you're trying to take a flirty bedtime selfie but the angles are just so wrong:


Submitted by notoriousdud

2. When you've been binge-watching a show on Netflix and you're one episode away from finishing:


Submitted by vanessaandrea90

3. When you made plans for brunch while you were out last night, but right now, your bed feels better than any mimosa would taste:


Submitted by caseyn41f69b4fc

4. When you're trying to snooze for a few more minutes, but bae asks you if you want anything from Dunkin and you ~need~ a large iced coffee and a vanilla frosted donut:


Submitted by sheilahaskins1

5. When you wake up the morning after partying and you just lay there, waiting for death to come and save you from your misery:


Submitted by sierras4d3c17318

6. When you're planning on sleeping in but hear your mom yelling your name, saying that it's time for "spring cleaning":


Submitted by e4cade8886

7. When you go home for the holidays and you have to share your childhood bed with your adult-sized sibling:


Submitted by bettyh4766b42dd

8. When it's 4:30 in the morning and you are regretting your choice to drink that late night coffee:


Submitted by caseyp9

9. When you've just started dating and the thought of being apart from each other for even one second makes you shudder:


Submitted by cornishstanley

10. When it's a Saturday, but you wake up to an email from your boss asking you to come into work:


Submitted by elkal

11. When it's hotter than hell and you're trying to figure out the best way to stay cool but be covered at the same time:


Submitted by southernmama

12. When you wake up after a hookup and forget their name, and honestly, you kind of forgot what they looked like, too:


Submitted by kmcw

13. When you just bought a new duvet cover and matching pillows from Pottery Barn and you go to sleep feeling rich AF:


Submitted by kristenl4deb60d1c

14. When it's Monday, but you realize it's a three-day weekend:


Submitted by alisonh4c1eb5c67

15. When you and bae are fighting, but like, you still love each other and stuff, but you're mad, but also in love:


Submitted by garnners

16. When it's December 13th and they still haven't turned on the heat in your building:


Submitted by allisony4db592aa3

17. When you are trying to be fun and flirty for bae, but you are self-conscious about your morning stank breath:


Submitted by melissam4fddb019e

18. When you are spending the night at your rich friend's house and they have way too many pillows on their guest bed:


Submitted by veghead

19. And finally, when it's Friday night, you have no plans, and you just need to get your beauty sleep:


Submitted by malegsoto

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